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SB Dunk Fanatics consists of a group of skateboarders who share the same passion. As skateboarders, we give importance to the quality of skate shoe that we use when we play. So, we decided to put up a business wherein we can share our knowledge about the perfect type of skate shoes to use. We, at SB Dunks Fanatics, offer our fellow skateboarders a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of quality skate shoes at reasonable prices. We are dedicated to giving you courtesy, information, professional customer service and to deliver quality skate shoes to your doorstep quickly. SB Dunk Fanatics is a small skate shoe retailer. We provide different types of high-quality skate shoes. We guarantee you that we only sell authentic skate shoes and products here at SB Dunks Fanatics. We do not sell replicas or counterfeit items. Just as we guarantee authenticity, we also guarantee customer privacy and customer service satisfactory. We care about your order and we make sure to handle your orders properly. Don’t hesitate to give a message if you have requests or queries. We are here to answer any questions, as much as possible.